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Kindness Projects

The best way to connect with others is through kindness actions. One of the overall goals of the team at both Greening Your Life and Realistic Sustainability is to help be a leader in kindness projects and to coach and counsel new leaders all over the world. Michael is dedicated to speaking on not only why kindness projects can/will change the world but even how to start your own.

Edible Landscape Project 

This was Michael's first major community project that focused on increasing downtown foot traffic while also feeding the community. Now other communities are looking to add the same kind of project to their communities. Michael talks about what it took to create public buy-in and what it took to get this program completed. See the project HERE


Above are photos of the Halloween costume giveaway where Dabble gave more than 100 free costumes and the back 2 school supply giveaway where more than $1000 in school supplies were given free to the public. 


The Durand MI and Leader Jeff Brands in action working on their edible landscape project. 

Sustainable Thinking

Becoming more sustainable in your everyday life can be challenging. Learning about sustainability is only half of the battle. Learning to rewire your brain to think about sustainability factors when making purchases or in your daily actions. This presentation helps you restructure your thoughts so you can work on more sustainable actions. 

Building your Positive Footprint

Footprints are always used in a negative light, impacts like carbon footprints are used all of the time but is that the way impacts work? When Michael and Nick take about footprints they work in a more positive way. RS focuses on its positive footprint. This is what happens when you lead by example and others follow that lead. Think of it like a positive footprint like a pyramid scheme for good deeds. This presentation helps you learn to build your own positive footprint in life where you can be part of the solution of this plants future.

The Realistic Side of Sustainability

Citizen-Centric Urban Design

A Basic Understanding of Sustainability

Embodied Energy/ Lifecycles