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What is Realistic Sustainability?

Sustainability: The ability to meet society's needs today without sacrificing future generations' ability to meet their needs.


       One of the biggest issues with making sustainability mainstream is convenience. Many mean well but struggle with taking all of the steps to reduce your carbon footprint all of the time. Realistic sustainability reminds all of us that practice makes perfect and every small action is a place to build. Building a positive footprint is to reduce our negative actions and waste while slowly becoming a positive example of sustainable actions. Does this happen 100% of the time? No, there is always something else we can do to get better, realistic sustainability focuses on that daily improvement. 

      Just like diets that require you to go all-in, 6 weeks later, you will likely be all out. If we do not focus on changing the habits that led to poor actions we revert to those actions. Realistic sustainability focuses on small changes one can make in their life to help contribute to the total energy and waste reduction needed for a more sustainable world while still maintaining a comfortable level of living. You do not have to go to extremes to move towards a green future, just do better today than you did yesterday.

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