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Kindness Projects

The best way to connect with others is through kindness. One of the overall goals of the team at both Greening Your Life and Realistic Sustainability is to help be a leader in kindness projects and to coach and counsel new leaders all over the world. Below are some examples of kindness projects started and finished. 

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More than 70 people/new mothers were helped in the first event in 2022. Individuals from the community drop off their gently used items for kids (clothes, toys, or tools) and we offer them free of charge to anyone who needs them in the community. The event will happen annually in March.

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79 students were able to get free school suppliers helping alleviate the cost burden on their parents. Citizens brought in unused supplies and added them to our collection of new supplies donated by Dabble and the Crim Foundation of Flint. This event will be held annually in August.

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21 families and more than 40 kids received costumes free of charge. Community members bring in items that could be used for costumes that they no longer want and offer them free to the community. These free items are saved from the landfill and added to the items donated by Dabble to the community. This event will run annually in October.

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December 18th, 2021 Forward Party monthly volunteer meeting. In this meeting, we celebrate our progress, share a few updates, and provide tools for volunteers to take action to advance the Forward Party mission.


To gain access to the materials/tools provided in this video please sign up to volunteer at:


To donate please visit: To learn more about the Forward Party please visit our website:

Dani's Warmth Tree

Dani Hopper who helps at Dabble! in Durand has created a "Warmth Tree" for the community. All of the hats, gloves, and scarves are free to all that want or need them. Since the creation of the tree several more have popped up and the Durand senior living center is now knitting new hats, gloves, and scarves to refill the tree weekly. 


Second Annual Free Mom 2 Mom Event

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