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S1E3- Sustainability For Newbs (Having NRealistic Sustainability
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Sometimes when you first start your podcast and your recording your second episode you simply are not prepared. This is the first few seconds of S1E3 - Sustainability for newbs, I'm sure you'll figure out why we cut it out. 

S1E5- Lighting the Home (Nicks death rowRealistic Sustainability
00:00 / 01:03

Nick uses his love of movies to design a scene he'd love to see but it was cut from the episode against Nicks hopes. He now gets his wish as it is added to the bonus material.

S1E5- Lighting the Home (Distractions).mRealistic Sustainability
00:00 / 00:43

This week with the kids gone for the weekend and without a place for 3 people to record we chose to use our kitchen. You would think when the kids gone we would be fine but Sheldon (pictured) just kept making noise interupting the show while Nick got bored and went fly hunting. Never a dull moment while recording the S1E5 Lighting episode. 

So just before starting the embodied energy episode in season one I prepped Nick and Jamison on how I wanted to start and then in no way followed it causing us all to fall apart. This is 100% on me but turned out to be kinda funny.  Welcome to the dumpster fire :)

S1E7- Embodies Energy (Buying New or UseRealistic Sustainability
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S2E09 - Let's Talk About Transportation Realistic Sustainability
00:00 / 01:22

Welcome to the ending of a show that reminded me that scripting was good. Although we had a good time recording this is thee most awkard closing I think i've ever done and be warned my frustration is know with a few explicit words so don't play with the little ones around. 

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Screenshot 2021-10-04 101951.jpg
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