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Children's STEM


The mission of STEMNETICS is to prepare students with 21st Century Skills through the utilization of hands-on activities. In order for our economy and our society to excel, it is important that students are able to think critically and be effective problem solvers.  Through our interactive programs, we have developed a curriculum for students to think outside the box and apply their educational knowledge to real-world situations.



The Curated Culture is a weekly podcast dedicated to dissecting the most influential stories, content, and events happening in society.

Listen to The Curated Culture interview with Livelaunch! Founder Michael Nazarian Here

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Hello and welcome to my page, if you enjoy aviation or have a keen interest in space then please take a look at the content available on this page! We have plane take offs and landings from Manchester Airport and surrounding areas.

Professional Photographer - Greg Scott

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A former Business Consultant, Greg is now enjoying his retirement by reigniting his passion for space, nature, and professional photography with the development of Scott Photo Media. His works are well known in the space community, and he has a large following on YouTube, Social Media, National TV and print. 

Sustainable Shopping - ETHYK

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ETHYK wants to make it easy to shop ethically and sustainability online. ETHYK is a browser extension that helps you identify companies that have been certified sustainable.  Download the Chrome plug-in today.

Community Empowerment

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My Dream BIG Club (MyDBC) is a diverse community that leverages one another to dream BIG.  MyDBC organizes events focused around self-growth, empowerment, volunteering, networking, and staying active. MyDBC has become a hub for diverse professionals to grow and develop.

Author - Shawn Humphrey


Shawn started writing as a freelance music columnist for "The Flint Journal", later branching into copy writing, editing, technical writing, and web development. "The Siege of Melilla" is his first published short story.



Melting me, the struggle losing weight and keeping it off. I am learning simple things about life as an obese man that I never knew until now


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Starting Sustainability was created to help educate those who want to do more to help the earth but don’t know how. If everyone can do just a few more sustainable actions each day it will all add up and make a huge impact on the world. Listen to the crossover episode with Realistic Sustainability here 

Sustainable Shopping - Howl About It

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Your one stop shop for yummy dog treats and pastries. No wheat, corn or additives or preservatives. Feel great about giving treats that give back.

What is Realistic Sustainability?

Sustainability: The ability to meet society's needs today without sacrificing future generations' ability to meet their needs.


       One of the biggest issues with making sustainability mainstream is convenience. Many mean well but struggle with taking all of the steps to reduce your carbon footprint all of the time. Realistic sustainability reminds all of us that practice makes perfect and every small action is a place to build. Building a positive footprint is to reduce our negative actions and waste while slowly becoming a positive example of sustainable actions. Does this happen 100% of the time? No, there is always something else we can do to get better, realistic sustainability focuses on that daily improvement. 

      Just like diets that require you to go all-in, 6 weeks later, you will likely be all out. If we do not focus on changing the habits that led to poor actions we revert to those actions. Realistic sustainability focuses on small changes one can make in their life to help contribute to the total energy and waste reduction needed for a more sustainable world while still maintaining a comfortable level of living. You do not have to go to extremes to move towards a green future, just do better today than you did yesterday.

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