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The show is a roundtable discussion format that focuses on basic sustainability education and the small steps that we as consumers/families can do to not only shrink our carbon footprint but grow our positive footprint.  The realistic sustainability podcast will debunk some common misconceptions about going green while helping us all discover new ways to improve our lives and communities. So sit back and enjoy and if you want to help, please leave comments and subscribe (it helps more than you know). 

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Meet The Hosts


Michael J. Nazarian, MEM

Author of The Beginners Guide to Greening Your Life", Automotive Engineer and owner of Dabble!. Mike found his passion for sustainability while receiving his degree in Energy and Sustainable Systems from the University of Michigan-Flint in 2017 and later received his Masters in Engineering Managment from Eastern Michigan University..

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Nicholas Nazarian

Nick is a professional chef and owner of Taste Bits Catering who's curiosity knows no limits. Although, excited to discuss sustainable tricks and tips but loves to focus on food sustainability practices. 

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